Beats thread


What’s happening with it these days?

Here’s what I’m talking about

More recent stuff



Lukid is such a gee! Wish he hadn’t done the uk thing and gotten all housey though tbh.


New Daniel Smith is pretty on point! Like some dark, old-school feeling wu-esque shit.


Don’t know if this is the same genre but I like this guys stuff a lot.


Daisuke’s a dog! Don’t think he always fits, but he does from time to time.
Like, not sure that this fits, but it’s a banger by him


I found this guy like 30 minutes ago and really enjoyed it. This is the kind of stuff I want to make


Where are the youtube videos disappearing to?





Been listening to this one all day.


Nother good one


Oh shit how have I just seen this thread, been starting to like shit like this recently


Fucking smooth this one


Another good one. The track at 12:02 is awesome


I’m liking this one