Beethoven's 5th Remix (Dubstep)

Hey everyone. I made this track few weeks ago and finally came up with a producer name to make a soundcloud so I could share it. As the title says, it’s a dubstep remix of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. All of the synths are my own design. And I tried my best to stay true to the original tune, while at the same time adding some fresh new variations to keep it interesting and modern. It was fun working in and around the original audio. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Little late here but, i like it! I think theres a lot of strong points, like how you used the recording so seamlessly with all of your additional tracks. The overall progression of the song is epic, and keeps the attention well. I would also say that if you built all the synths for this tune which would be a pretty big job, they sound nice. In sequencing that is. I think that the weak point of the tune is really the mixing. The way you have it composed, Its core-drop is built of strong, long notes, giving you a great opportunity to really compress them to the max and create this huge-massive-larger than life synth feel. I didn’t really get that here - i thought the main synths could have a lot more treble, or be layered, and that the bass was kind of flat. The drums also seemed kind of bland. I did like a lot of build up’s you made like right around 0:56, that sounded great. And your low pass filtering and panning on your buildups sounds cool too. Overall, great arrangement, great imagination, great sequencing, on-par synthethis, and poor mixing. I need a punchier kick/snare