Beneath / Mistry / No Symbols Appreciation


Yeah, when I first learned about Beneath’s music one thing that immediately struck out was that he was a vinyl-only DJ. It would be understandable if he was using CDJs for radio tho.


glad you two got affiliated. I remember you bigging Beneath up even before his first plate arrived (on tectonic I think?). Laksa seems to be getting a lot of love recently, what’s with the b2b appearances on Beneath’s radarradio show (well, kinda obvious) and on Hessle’s rinse show… big up. and I really like the tunes, much better than mistry001 actually. It feels like they’re on a similar tip, but this one’s just much better executed, arranged to keep the rave alive.


28G refix jeeez would like to hear


stopped cutting dubs a while ago now, 2 many technicals and its not worth cutting dubs anyway unless ur playing on good sound systems really imo

28g refix made years back, came across it the other day when was going thru some old dubs, might hear it on radio one time…


cool, could you really hear the difference? i figured it just got too much $ when you’re making/getting sent that many tunes

would love to hear that refix, i’ll keep an eye out

killer set in bristol few months back btw


full stream of Baded from Mistry 004 here


latest radio, lots of new beats


that Laksa bit at 5min is so nice and smooth… I wanna give it a cuddle.
btw what’s that percussion-y banger at around 35min? big tune.


Could anyone name the producer on the track around the 8min mark.
Pretty sure its titled Bell Jam.


can anyone ID the track at ~ 19mins in that mix?


lurka - partials




schlocky ep and mistry 004 out now


Big up. Laksa one is the best mistry so far imho. Could do with some IDs by the way. :wink:


Is this his debut EP? Honestly hadn’t heard of the guy before the guest mix for Ben.


yh its his debut release

jrkhands i think the one you want an id on is Shift by Gaunt, its in my Solid Steel mix…


Ah nice one. Didn’t understand the “topboi gaaaaaunt” bit the first time around.


6 assorted tracks from No Symbols 1-4 available on download here:


Free track Gesloten Cirkel - Hole ( Beneath Double Refix ), was missing from his decent EP on BH


i’m sure yall clocked this ages ago but the Shlocky EP is absolutely huge