Beneath / Mistry / No Symbols Appreciation


Everything man touches is big.

This should be out soon, 4th one on Mistry


new Beneath forthcoming BH:


Was just about to post that. It’s quality, hope it’s not £20 considering it’s a double pack on BH tho…


One of my favourite artists, every tune he has put out it fire. Can’t wait to pick up the BH release.
Hope he changes his mind about Tech House is Not Gully.


Was waiting for the announcement of that release! Cant wait!


that bh release is some dank shit


Anyone know anything about the track at 1:02 in this show?

I tweeted Beneath at the time and he said he was keeping it under wraps, wondering if anyone’s heard anything since. The drums are too crazy.


Nice work!!!


Killing it as usual


Oi oi Freeze is a mudness

The guy is one the most underrated producers to come out of the scene tbh, all 4 No Symbols are huge

Edit: that switch at the end of Soho fuuuuck

Edit 2: oi second drop of Future Shock BLAOW this is shaping up to be some release of the year business


U been sleeping Future shock is an ancient dub



I don’t rate Berceuse Heroique’s output. Also don’t like their mucky antics. However I’ll try to cop the next Beneath release cause all the tracks are bangers and the poster looks nice.


do you not like a single plate they’ve released so far?


schlocky is a slang word from like germany meaning junk, which makes sense considering at least two of these tunes are old, old dubs haha


I don’t rate a lot of techno / house stuff mostly, it’s just my honest opinion. They release a lot of that, but their releases go everywhere, from disco to reissues of old tracks. That might be nice that they don’t have a clear representation of their sound but it personally isn’t to me. I do rate the Horsepower / Beneath split 12" tho. Their artwork can be very grotesque at times but I like the comic ones.

Now that I look at this it feels like I’m nitpicking lol.


buying records is all about nitpicking. nitpicking is the point of all this!
you succeeded, fam - big up.


Id guess it is a Chevel tune?


latest radar radio show, different selection this time around



not that this matters at allll but does beneath still cut dubs, i feel like i remember he used to be all vinyl and dubs but saw him this year and think he was using cdjs, purely curious


I’m handling the PR for Mistry 004 - you can listen to the tracks here >>
Let me know what you think … Bristol born London based debutant Laksa.

Out 18th June