Beneath / Mistry / No Symbols Appreciation


what I really enjoy about the nosymbols releases: they go with virtually anything. played that “all the times” tune in some 110bpm swagger action recently out of Levon Vincent’s Late Night Jam -8 and it sounded bliss.


good to know the tracks are enjoyable for mixing with :smile:

yeah get a ticket for rye wax, come down!

mistry 006 announced today

full release clips


B1 (MMRH is the name of the track?) is so large :gunfinger:


The tunes at 30 and 44 mins get ID’d as Batu and what sounded like Lax? Just wondered if anyone knew the actual ID. Big tunes.


Laksa, I imagine.


radio from last week in warm up for no symbols at rye wax 28th nov, strictly dubs




nice one

also free gaunt track in the run up to his release next week


rye wax ticket copped


Oi @NoSymlbos what’s tune I bottled out of reloading? If it isn’t already out please say you’re releasing it


ahhh cant remember mate to be honest…sorry man


last night was big, dark n heavy good vibes throughout


006 out now!!!

also got some mistry tee’s made


Big release, will grab a copy for sure once it shows up on redeye. Shame I was too busy and couldn’t reach rye wax, if you do it again I would be down for sure!



upfront test press’s available now, only got a couple

also taking pre orders


next no symbols dance


c u lads there

last one was such a wave


Should be down there, would you be willing to sell me some of the stuff you have recently put out? @NoSymlbos


what you mean? records…?