Best DJ Sets

What are the standout DJ sets you’ve experienced, any genre

For me o.t.t. my head

Yunx @ System 2012
Commodo @ System 1st Birthday
Kode 9 @ Outlook 2012
Finn & Riko @ Dance Tunnel last year

Commodo @ System 1st Birthday for sure!
Pinch @ Outlook 2014
Addison Groove @ Subloaded 2011? I think
Kode9 @ DMZ 8

Benny Ill and Oneman B2B at DMZ 5th birthday :heart_eyes:

Live, right?

  1. Any Joe Nice set (can’t pick a specific one, but they’re consistently the best imo)
  2. Mala solo
  3. J:Kenzo

all in the US

Klaus @ WHP, 2014
Ben UFO @ The Rainbow, Birmingham, 2015
James Blake x Trim @ WHP, 2014 (James isn’t the best mixer but selection was sick)

Don’t be too hard on yourself James


LAS at reconstrvct XX, set is up on their Soundcloud.

Yunx played a good set with all the family favourites at WHP Rinse 10th bday was early enough to catch Loefah too…Goth Trad was sick live. Kahn at the Black Box takeover. IDK really though I probably seen bare pioneers when I was at uni but dubstep wasn’t really a ting then

The nights when I started going to dubstep nights at the old FWD>> at Plastic People were the best because of how new it was to me at the time. Particularly the grime/dubstep dj’s like Plastician and Tubby circa 2009. I’ll never forget hearing ‘Intensive Snare’ the first time. More recently -

VIVEK at Contact, Leeds October 2014.
Faze Miyake at Dance Tunnel Sept 2014
Best set though was Youngsta at Fabric rm1 around 2010 April. Kryptic Minds - Can’t Sleep went off.

mala in zurich 2010
out to the cabaret crew.

also vivek @ first system

Arkeye - at the 2nd Culture Glitch night at Sandinos in Derry.

Welfare / Cormac McMahon - at the GetBusy night at Factory in Galway

Boxcutter kills it every time I see him too!

JusMe in Cork one night in Gulpd blew my mind with his diverse set starting with funk 45s & skratching & beat juggling & going into 140 stuff.

Shammen Delly are excellent selectors too. Josh with his Italian soundtrack/easy listening stuff & Aengus with the mind-melting afx techno.

Yes Conor, large up for being the first to support local djs.

mine, in no particular order:
Mala 2010 in Cabaret, Zurich… I’m with Phrex on this.
Pinch & Wen at last year’s Keysound Stage, Outlook. Sick, sick set.
Headman 2011 at Electron Festival, Geneva.
Every other & guyus set I manage to catch; goes for Qbig & Zenith B aswell… for different reasons though. :slight_smile:
Karma at System was noteworthy, to say the least.
Hybris 2013 at Random, Basel.
Skeptical 2014 at Random, Basel.
Om Unit 2014 at Random, Basel.
Hanné & Tesdorpf 2015 at Random, Basel.

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yeah going with those as well

Pinch in Zurich was one of my first proper dubstep nights with a proper system (Actually everyone on that line up so Pev, Juan and Guyus played really great sets tbh)

Jackmaster - Numbers party 2012(?)
There is a recording somewhere but yeh that is one of the best sets Ive ever heard out. ever, it was so fucking fun
Its abit of a shame as he went fully house/techno after that rather than the mad mix of old.

DJ Ez at the get darker party a few years ago, he was on at like 1-2 or sumin and by the time it ended the whole lot of us ninjas were so fucked from shouting and jumping about we had to just sit at the side or Oneman and Loefah lool

Yeah that EZ set was a madness @lenheim

Yunx playing Midnight twice in the same set that night too haha