Best mixed track?

So hi, I was thinking of why my mixes arent that good and I said maybe its because i dont pay alot of attention to the mixing of things when i listen to music. So i want u to try to think of the best 1 or 2 tracks that you think are mixed almost perfetly (while thats impossible).

your free to give any tips u have or whatever


listen to any track by goth trad. his mixdowns are always immaculate



Or Calibre.

I think Nu:Tone’s generally got solid mixdowns. A lot of his new stuff is wank though. I think James Blake is pretty good at it. Also Bop is sick. And Shlohmo’s pretty good too.

And OP, I think you should listen for technically bad mixdowns too and try and think of how they could be better and/or worse too. Sometimes lesser mixing can be a good thing.
Burial’s stuff isn’t brilliantly mixed, neither is a lot of Logistic’s early stuff. Minimum Chips were pretty bad for it.

on a completely different tip than dubstep, fuckin amazed at nero’s day at disneyland/lauren bousfield’s use of the frequency spectrum

so much shit happening, yet it all sounds so clean, take notes

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That last one in particular is pretty sick. First two kinda remind me of OPN and that one lady who sounds like him, except with drums.

‘good’ mixes depend largely on the style of the music and its intended playback situation

that being said, these two have been long time reference tracks I look at when working on my own stuff

not the ‘best’ mixes, but they are mixes that hit what I want to hit :slight_smile:

L-Wiz 4.42oz does it for me…so lush

I thinks Spoons by Dodge and Fuski has a pretty great mixdown, and basically anything off of Koan Sounds’ Forgotten Myths or Dynasty EP

Yeah good ol Funk Blaster is a great track for ref.

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i always liked that one

theres prolly a lot but at least I used to think breakage had the best production value like 5 yrs ago when I dubstep

yeah breakages tune had a great mixdown, proper clean and everything

besides that i think teebee always delivered clean mixes
and phace/misanthrop this one

still not sure if its clipping or just at this sweet spot