Best version of Pulse X


not actually pulse but still


fuk, that Alias tune is 2 tuff




funny i find myself listening to that one a coupla times already

also this is a homie of mine down here in SA, pretty fun version tbh


This over everything


haha remember this. what was it some 5inch release? mad


Yeah haha, was going like more than standard price (7.99?) back then as I swear


itunes has a bunch of grime shit thats not really anywhere else

theres this Big Shot tune called Yeah that Ive wanted to post for years but its not anywhere, it uses the same sounds as Stomp but its even sicker

also pretty much every tune in this threads a slapper

also this


i’m aware this is a necrobump


fuck it threads back now


Edit. Nevermind.


Aye, I have Stomp My Pussy on vinyl. Big tune. The b-side is pretyt good too with Big$hot doing some 2 steps remixes of artists like Pharrell and Jay-Z.


Got this one too.


God’s Gift tho


big fan of this, Pulse sound design on the Bounce beat pattern!


So I can sample the original Pulse X and make my own version?
Seems everyone else has…


just watch out for the dub police



gods gift straight vocals are the definitive ones for me, other side is nice when I want to understand what he’s saying

any time any place YOU WILL GET BUN


thx 4 the epileptic fit