Best version of Pulse X


there were always a few too many versions tbh,

which is your favourite, think mine is dizzee- i luv u for pure wheel up hype

and for same reason pulse eskimo

and mondie- pull up dat

lil silva- pulse vs funky

which is about 135bpm so goes pretty well with the grime ones and is a nice switch up in a mix

and for stripped back beats for spitting- mondie- straight

think i luv u is top for me, u?


I Luv U is not a version of pulse x?

Anyway its OG Pulse X with Lorraince Cato vocal


fat distorted kick then a bunch of claps?


nah pulse x is pulse x

thats just a lot of certain types of grime beats


pulse style grime beats then


corporation of london - roar beats. a bit more garagey than pulse x. kinda like a better version of dilemma

shizzle’s vocal of straight is prob the best version of that imo


re: I Luv U and Pulse X, I did this mashup of I Luv U, Wooo Riddim and Pulse X (I didn’t actually sample Pulse but I copied the beat pattern in the first 8 bars)


sick :gunfinger: :gunfinger:


more into straight but this needs a mention


stomp my pussy


big version

i really don’t like the vocal of pulse x tho, reminds me of that horrible davinche version of getto kyote with the chick singing on it


oh yh that was really bad


Coped this on vinyl last year.


My favourite version is:






Not enough gun fingers for this


No one mentioned Pulse Wedding yet??


Check the flip side though: