Big Riddem Monsta bass sound


I’m trying to learn how to make many kinds of basses and I want to know what kind of bass starts at 0:54, I mean what is it called:

sounds like a very “sharp” bass layerd with a perc sound, propably a lot of distortion and Compression the most interessting part would be the movement tbh

Thanks. What do you mean by movement? I’m new to all this hahaha

if you listen to the “bass sound” and the drums you can hear that the bass sound is a bit off beat but just super slightly so you cant realy make it out with anything that is going on in the background what I mean by movement is the shape/speed of the lfo/envelope if you know what I mean

Ok, thanks I think I get it.

if you got any questions feel free to message me :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you have to kill a bear to get true monsta sound. I have only heard

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That sound is literally a preset from Virtual Riot’s massive pack lol