Big room elecro house is dead

whats so special about it anyway?

It gets douchebags to spend their money on the Devils drink

the only thing I know about it, is a guy I know said he hated it and I kept winding him up saying it was his favourite genre of music, to the point where he tried to flip a table which failed miserably :mrgreen:

Is “big room electro house” the ‘Martin Carrots’ type of shit they bang out in places like Ibiza?
Anyone heard of ‘jungle terror’? is it the same or different to that?

I think it’s that afrojack shit where it all sounds the same with saw wave synths, pretty much like house with a “drop” I believe.

Jungle terror is like agressive big room with metallic/ethnic drums instead of super saw and break beat type beats instead of 4 on the floor. Not bad could be applied to some dubstep fusion.

some house tunes with drops are quite relevant tbf.

I consider a lot of Boddika functional 909 workouts as “big room music”. Whatever has 2000 people gurning in front of a void stack is pretty big room imo.

are you talking about shitty dim mak edm/electro “house”, ibiza tech house fodder or the big room stuff made by ex-dnb/dubstep producers?