Big Room/Pop Vibe-Heavy Jungle/DnB Recommendations


this one is timeless. any pop fan would definitely love this.




I got u fam.


why the f would you bring dnb to the table altogether?? has anyone questioned this


Cuz when it’s some right it’s one of the most exhilarating and creative genres going. Esp so with jungle.


Nothing like being strung out in a rave with your ting. Gotta get them ready for that ASAP

#28’s dnb sectional has some good mixes

Like this:

The older stuff had some popish elements, DJ Rap’s 1995 NYE set is probably the best set I’ve ever heard in my whole life and in one hour runs from dropping pop tracks to ultra heavy jungle smasherz


DJ Rap :love:

She actually asked a friend of mine out once back inna day. I think he got intimidated and chickened out lol.


These two from Shy Fx have been making the rounds in recent months:

Have either of them made it into the charts in the UK?


Probably not but if either of them will it’ll be the one with Lily Allen because people are superficial like that lol


Lol at lily Allen’s rudegyal vibes.
Snare is nice on that tune still.


Now you mention it, it is a good snare actually.

We should have a ‘Top of the Snares’ awards because that’s what everyone seems to be bent on nowadays, look at all the memes about them :joy:


Her first line is so great haha