Big Room/Pop Vibe-Heavy Jungle/DnB Recommendations


Courting a foreign woman the past couple weeks and it’s going well, but she’s mainly into Pop music.

I’m looking for recommendations of big dance floor vibe heavy Drum & Bass as well as Jungle. Cheesy vocals, big bass lines, and an arena full of ravers off their face embracing the music.

You know the ones.


how cheesy we talking?


2018 anthems preferably.


Just stick on shadow boxing and be done with it


One for the heads not newbies.


Exactly. Throw her in at the deep end


If we’re going lowest common denominator pop dnb then perhaps sub-focus, pendulum, sigma, chase & status et al. :face_vomiting:



Let’s not do that.

Refer to the first youtube I posted in this thread.



Liondub sent me his remix of Tory Lanez - Controlla. Perfect vibes this, but no clips online & not about to share.




It’s 11 years old and i got it the day it came out from this record store near me, i still think it is quite good. Used to love liquid:

Btw the first track is so wack and cheesey, gets slightly better about 3 mins in then 6.30 mins in the decent shit starts.
Still has the odd cheesey shit track after thath but most of it is good.
Can’t really go wrong with this kinda music, deff got commercial appeal. Reminds me of when i used to go to Smack in Leamington.

EDIT: just had a quick skim through and i forgot how much filler is in that mix lol. It gets good again about 28 mins in.


this 1 even says jungle m8


and this ofc


Was thinking less liquid, but it’ll do. Thank you.


probs not exactly what you’re after as its halftime/juke influenced but really liked the fixate mini LP on exit records, somewhat cheesy yet enjoyable vibes


What Goes Around is the one. Was in rotation for a bit in my sets.





Now got me thinking of this track:

Sooooooo nice