Whoa. I knew a little about Bitwig - mostly that it was a sort of offshoot of Live - but this looks interesting.

And speaking of touchscreen…


hoping ableton looks into this, not sure if i wanna change DAW but it would be great to work with touch

FL Studio! The touch features in 12 seem good, imo. This guy is kind of long, and possibly an image-line employee, but he goes through it quite well.

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fl studio is just OP at this point

I couldn’t get to the page, kept refreshing to “this webpage is unavailable”

allow the peer to connect to your computer then it’ll load fine

ooooor not

yeah, having a tiny little mixer on screen with touch is sooo coooolll.

Not rly… Its such a gimmick at the moment. Have fun turning an EQ knob (or two) with any sort of accuracy, or pushing a group of faders up for a live mix at the right dB. Let alone dealing with any sort of complex movement within a VST.

If you want hands on, buy a control surface or a mixer.

I think ‘touch’ stuff has potential, but the way its currently implemented just does not seem functional. Software has to be written specifically for the medium imo, not just adding touch functionality to normal GUI that has been designed for mouse and keyboard control.


Nothing to say you can’t fine tune afterwards tbf. As well as this, there’s nothing wrong with playing it by ear. But yeah, I’ll personally be sticking to my keyboard and mouse.

Doesnt make sense to me to use touch control to move something into the ballpark of where I want it, and then use my mouse to ‘fine tune’. I can do that quickly and concisely with just the mouse.

Like I said, I think there’s a lot of potential with touch based interfaces, just dont think it really gonna work by shoehorning that type of input method into existing GUIs

yeah I kind of feel this way about the current touchscreen hype too, it’s all very well messing about on a tablet, but when you need more screen real estate and maybe have a large/ or multiple monitors, sitting there with your arms raised to touch the screen is going to take a lot more effort over the course of a few hours than sitting with your arm resting on the desk holding your mouse.

Videos of Bitwig in action on a Surface.

Akai stepped up their game too late with this IMO… desperate attempt to hold on to their loyal fanbase after fucking up so much in the last decade with iMPC, etc.

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Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression or MPE is a term that applies to a new class of controllers called PMCs (Polyphonic Multidimensional Controllers). The arrival of this technology has sparked a controller revolution, with hardware now capable of sending multiple dimensions of finger movement control - not only from left or right, but also up, down, pressure, and beyond.

How many of you guys are using Bitwig?

I’ve been observing it for awhile but still fully in Ableton world.