Blackest Ever Black

Since we have the BH one, might aswell get a thread for another one of the hypest labels about.

this is so good.

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fuck yeah
the last radio show was >>

these tunes from it

I used to rinse Jaco Pastorius (and make some feeble attempts of playing his stuff myself) about, fuck, ten years back… also check his shit with Weather Report. a bit on the noisier side of things, more things going on, but a couple of brilliant musicians doing what they’re best at.

be hard af to get anywhere near playing his stuff i reckon

been feeling the first 40 seconds of this sooo much lately but once it gets all saxy it loses me

not that i dislike jazz fusiony stuff in general, love herbie hancock

that first synth line is so sick i’m sure it’s been sampled to death but will probably still have a go at that

if you like Jaco, maybe check out James Jamerson aswell. he’s kinda the anti-thesis to Jaco. very mellow sound, always played to the song and not his own ability. he was a part of the Motown studio gang; some sources estimate he’s appeared on over 1’000 recordings uncredited. he got very frustrated over this, became an alcoholic and in the end took his own life (I think this is how it went; don’t quote me on that). however, his basslines are still iconic and his groove is second to none.

not really techno besides the odd record here and there tho

true. but where else would you put them? they did start off with Anstam and Regis…

there’s no anstam releases on beb. i think you mean raime. which i wouldn’t call techno. remember at the time people saying they were dubstep lol

Ah yeah, Raime. my bad.

I like the Raime LP alot tbf Quarter Turns Over a Living Line anwyay

BEB got me interested in a whole side of music I’d never heard before. The past couple of years, this has been the kinda stuff I’ve been listening to the most.

Raime did a hardcore set on sat and it was sick. Much piano many vibes.

Didnt realise this was on BEB and I own it :cornlol:

anyone know anything about f ingers

was feeling their tunes in the radio show but they’re like impossible to google/don’t have any music about online to listen to

i think it’s some of the blackest ever black artists teaming up …?


the new dollhouse (sp) is pretty good