Blendz for Dayz

The old thread was gold. Some of my favourite moves; what’s yours?

Jack Sparrow - Red Sand >> Benga & Coki - Night
Loefah - Midnight >> D1 - Baboo >> Quest - Dubfoot >> Mala - Neverland (I played this out so often it’s getting a bit cheesy)

Jack Sparrow - Afraid of Me >> Skream - Filth
Vex’d - Gunman >> ?? - Sicko Cell (ideally you need a low pass filter tho)
Caspa - Fulham 2 Waterloo >> Benga & Coki - Night

Conference >> Night
Conference >> The Shinein
Conference >> Angel

Conference is basically a sick tune to mix out of

CYPHR & Sudanim - U Most > Lil Silva - Seasons
Plasticman - The Lift > Plasticman - Cha (Can do some mad chopping with this one)

lil silva -seasons >roska- squark

sweet like chocolate/babycakes/heartbroken with any 140 track with more of a four to the floor not half step drum pattern

Guido - cat in the window into arkist - fill your coffee.
Todd Edwards - saved my life into the heartists - belo Horizonte (Ramsey & fen remix)

skeptical - echo dub into proxima trapped
kahn - over deh so into lean forward

Objekt- Cactus >> Dusk & Blackdown- Drenched (Facta Remix) rediculous cuts on this when double dropped

Batu- Eraser >> Alex Coulton- Too Much Talk (Beneath Remix) >> Lurka- Partials

Any of the Apple tunes into Roska - Climate Change

Quest - Visitors into Mala - Maintain Thru Madness or vice versa forces me to down headphones and skank about the room.

JME ft. Giggs - Man Don’t Care >>> Wiley - Wickedest MC Alive/or Wiley - Send Me the Riddim

Donae’o - My Philosophy (Bounce >>> Jay-da-flex - Breaktastic >>> Sticky ft. Kele Le Roc - Things We Do >>> Heartless Crew - Superglue Riddim >>> Genius Cru - Boom Selection (Genius Cru Original Mix) >>> Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)

Should just post my serato history tbh

Lil Bibby - How We Move > Vex’d - Smart Bomb