Boddika & Joy Orbison

Thoughts on the new one?

Wasn’t particularly mad about it at first, it’s a grower though!


Short clip

its not for me.

Vaguely remember it being played on Kowton’s NTS show a few weeks back too.

I think it’s my favorite by them tbh.

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it’s a nice tune, not sure it beats swims or tricky’s team though

Trusss me daddi. Tricky’s Team was a highlight of their pairing.

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Fuck! Just saw on Discogs that the highest Tricky’s Team has gone for is £78.79… Anyone know the amount it was limited to? That’s mental.

it was rsd rlease last year, wasn’t v limited tho u could buy it all over for a while

wtf, this is one plate everyone is trying to sell these days in vinyl groups on fb… you’ll see them on there for like £7-15 lol

trickys team is sick. the timing arrangement is dope and throws a lot of people off - you have to be careful what you wanna mix it with and at what place in the track. once it drops the first time you pretty much have to let it play out to the next break.

TMNT is a smiler. really nice musical number from the duo tbh, really has sunset/festival vibes all over this one. love it!

also got SUNKLOTUU the other day in very nice condition, i’ve been after the real thing and not shitty rips for a long time. prone and dun dun have never sounded so good.

boomkat review on the new one is jokes:

“One-sided, deeper house play from Joy Orbison and Boddika. In a blind test, we reckon that even well-trained ears would struggle to differentiate this from the work of Four Tet or Floating Points. That’s a good thing or a bad thing depending your dancefloor stance…”

Thoughts on the new Joy o bit? About 20 mins into the latest Hessle show. It doesn’t sound honest to me…

much better than his usual tech house stuff. I quite like it.

Thought I’d rip it for those who haven’t heard it!

I must say I prefer the 12" ‘Customer review’ with ‘I’m bad @ yelp’ on the flip!

Okay, so by now we know that the untitled track is called ‘A213’ and is out on Musik For Autobahns 2 (Ambient Race Car Music).

Just found this today, New Joy O & Boddika track! Very technoish again, but I like it!


That SunkLo EP with Faint, Nil, and that other track (which is actually my favorite of the bunch but whose name I forgot) is sick.