Boh! - deleteme

i have no idea what anybody below is referencing.

i think they might be on the reefer

you what mate? i feel like this would be better expressed in a pm to a moderator.
anyway, in terms of dsf dubs section being a place to discover or share fresh new music, you’re about 5 years too late imo.


Yeah, the mods/admins are all only a PM away. Shoot me a message and we can talk about it.

thanks bruh. i had no idea the playmakers here were so accessible and not too lofty for a real conversation with a nobody like me.

this is exactly what has made this place legendary.

and maybe there’s a lull in groundbreaking stuff hitting dubs right now. but lets say that’s a temporary condition. :wink:

Bow before your mighty mod overlords!

Really though Im not even sure what your asking here?

We have a post limit because it is supposed to stop people just signing up, spamming their shit track and never coming back. I for one love not logging in to see my feed full of brostepriddim shite. Its not hard to go and make the posts across the whole board over a week.

post some more and then post your bits in the snh dubs section

Not that I really post dubs, but I reckon it can be useful since you’ve had some interaction in the community so people may be more willing to check your shit. Rather than it just being another random who pops up then leaves the next day

yeah tbh just needs a rant

doesnt matter the content
weird place - this

Those vuvuzelas, still going unchecked… kunts /rant

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