Bonobo plucky sounds

The percussive tones that start at around :20 in the verses. Looking to try to achieve something similar and would appreciate any advice, thanks!

take any old tap or pluck, maybe even an 808 kick without a tail and chuck a bitcrusher, ableton redux works well, or any other effect that makes it yoy a bit.

very easy sound

Thanks, that’s actually what I tried. Use 808 kicks, tom, congas, and some synth plucks, all with redux and still coulnt get it to sound very close unfortunately. Do you have an example?

I would try to firstly find a sound that has the same qualities as the un-effected sound, which kicks in at around 1:13 or so. After that I’d imagine it’s only a matter of fine tuning the redux aspect of it, plus cutting it a bit shorter than the 1:13 sound.