Bouncing audio

Usually with my tracks i just do my mixdown all within the one project. The current track i am working in ableton is crashing frequently due to a lot of tracks with lots of plug ins etc… Soo i bounced every track to audio and dragged them into a new project. Now i noticed after awhile i had a very slight hissing sound on all the tracks where there should be no audio, this sound is only noticeable if i amplify each audio track. Should this sound be there??? I have tried exporting tracks from the original project and taken of all audio effects and made sure monitoring is off on all tracks? In the new project i can cut each clip where there is no audio and eq the highs out but would take ages…

Sorry if i haven’t explained myself very well!


open the original file and go onto each track:

Right click freeze

Right click flatten

then re-save as v94 or whatever then try bouncing?

Okay, thanks i will try this now.

Still there. It is only noticeable when i turn my headphone amp right up, and when i crop the clip to where there is no audio on the track the sounds disappears so i assume it is not suppose to be there. Do you get this noise?

When synths aren’t playing there is no data. When you bounce to audio there is data. Perhaps your sound card is treating data silence different than no data silence. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some noise in your signal path when you just have your OS loaded and no DAW or anything running. At some point the signal becomes analog and has a noise floor, almost certainly this has something to do with it.

I don’t think there is actually such a thing as true silence in printed audio.

If it is only audible when you crank everything up full blast I doubt it’ll be an actual issue in the finished product.

Could be dithering. Not sure if your export settings affect frozen tracks, but what you are describing sounds like noise added when converting from one bit depth to another. Turn it off in your export settings and see if that fixes it. But in all honesty if you have to turn your headphone amp all the way to hear it and it isn’t otherwise affecting your sound, don’t worry about it. Low level noise(-80 through -70 or so) will be imperceptible to the listener unless it is a very sparse track with a very quiet mixdown that needs to get turned waaaaay up during mastering.

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Okay thanks, i will try these tonight. In this song i have say 45 tracks and at the very end of the song each track runs for a few bars longer then the audio. I first noticed this sound in this area of the song as this “noise” running on every track was just audible when no there was no sound present. Thats when i started to see where it was coming from soloing each track and amplifying the sound to see if it was present which it was.
When i stop the track from playing the sound is not present and my DAC is only a couple of months old.
Thanks guys.

Yesssss, Thankyou! I set dithering to none and it has fixed it.

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Right on