Brutal dubstep track I made! Any feedback is appreciated guys! :D

Getting a lot of midrange hiss coming through, like it’s playing some static. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the effect it’s causing on the track is causing the drums to be drowned out.

If it is intentional, then I’d suggest taking another look at the mixdown as you appear to have a lot of elements occupying the same frequency range and it’s causing for the overall feel of the track to be quite muddy (i.e. stuff getting lost in amongst itself)

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I tried to make it sound somewhat dirty but not that much lol. I’ll have to master it better next time. Thanks a lot for taking the time! @tabasco

No, as per my comment above I believe the issue is the mixdown, not the mastering job. If you’ve put any mastering on there (compressor, for example) you might be better off removing it before taking a look at the mixdown to get the levels of the individual elements right.

Getting stuff to sit right in the mix is generally speaking more important than getting the mastering right. Think of the tune as a 3D cube, with the listener in the middle. The XYZ axis as the volume, frequency and panning respectively.

Do you have too many elements occupying the same space within the cube? Could the elements be better served if you move them around a little so as the listener in the middle has a more balanced sound around them?

That sort of thing.

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Oh ok! So the frequency spacing is off. I see what you mean. So I should make more room between ranges so that they come through more clearly?

Depends entirely on the effect you’re going for. But if you have all the elements hitting the same frequency, that will naturally cause a bit more of a mess. So you might like to consider subtractive EQing - pick the main element(s) that you want to stand out, check where they hit in the range with a spectrum analyser, then EQ the other elements around them.


Ah i see. Excellent advice @tabasco ! Thanks so much!

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I agree with everything tabasco said. But I just wanted add, I really like the sound of that growl at 30 secs in