Burial-inspired / clones

Since there seems to be an abundance of tunes and even artists that mimic his style I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss.


Cool thread,

Def check this as well:

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Very nice, that Ghostek rmx is especially sweet.
I was all ready to order a copy when I saw its a free DL ep :badteeth:

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thread done


Yea safe, check Dismal Mood as well on Aphelion. Safe bit also free DL

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more recently i thought he went well in with this as well…

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they seem to have taken them off their sc now, but my nu leng’s first tunes on there were complete burial bites

Really? I wasn’t aware of that, did they release any of those?
I remember Falling off the Fireflies EP was pretty chill, but not exactly burial mimicry either

yeah it was like 3/4 years back, around when the grid came out, they still had a bunch of that stuff up, not sure about release, it wasn’t great

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Copped for a coupla quid in Idle Hands…big up!:

Most of the Smokin’ Sessions label is full of this kind of production:

Some good stuff to be found in this mix:


Another cheap crate find:

Worth digging through Egoless’ albums on his Bandcamp page as he’s made lots of stuff that isn’t his usual dubby/dubstep sound:

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Even though Z-audio and its sublabels aren’t particularly innovative, I still rate a lot of their releases to this day.
Inhale is just lovely

p much any so-called “future” garage fits this bill.

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promises and gloom on the original post are very good.

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Reminds me a little of:

Inhale’s in my top 5 dubstep tunes (maybe even top 3)

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Hyperrap FTW

Kode said the only burial inspired/remixes he ever played were these lol.

for real though - I always liked VVV’s stuff. his album on Fortified Audio is worth checking out

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