One of the greats

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I think it’s bad tbh.


Well It sounds like it Temple Sleeper pt 2 imo

Do yall think its bad generally or just because it’s not as good as arguably the best DnB tune ever made?

I do wish we got more of absolutely amazing Diane Charlemagne innit.

The crackles feel selfparodising, the vocal is out of tune & there’s not much going on rhythmwise. I actually liked it until Diane came in, and was subsequently left disappointed by the lack of variation in the drums. It’s a good loop, I’ll give him that, but I expected better from Burial.


That’s what I got. It’s hearing the music from the other room in the club, two pirate stations competing for the same frequency, breaks rattling off the walls in a huge warehouse, that confused collage of memories from the night before. I love it.


its interesting these two positions
because they mimic the transition dance music has gone through since then

in goldies time you went out and tried to capture what innercity life/urban culture is
like the physical world

whereas burials angle is trying to capture some of the nostalgia in a removed way (from inside the bedroom listening/listening to a pirate station)


Out of tune vocal ruins it, breaks are pretty flat too

lol we should all just turn our chairs around

Are you ready for more Zomby & Burial yet or are you still getting to grips with "Sweetz"

— ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) 22. april 2017


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Anyone notice today at 12am London time the data beats websites crashed.

I thought it was just the metalheadz site but Deep Medi is down too

Server Error 500

Intense Records discogs account posted on the Inner City Life 2017 EP that it would be for sale on their website at 12am Friday night - Goldie – Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild / Burial Remix) (2017, Vinyl) - Discogs

Its not for sale though. In guessing people crashed data beats by hitting the metalheadz website to frequently, idk

I wonder why intense records didnt go through with it

I like it. Agree the vocals don’t really fit and feel just smashed on top… and the breaks have no variation making it a little boring. But there’s enough there to keep it interesting for me… the little interludes and changes, crackle and the gun shot intro.

Comparing it to Burials best stuff it’s miles off… but compared to his past 2/3 releases its an improvement.

Also I rate Sweetz a lot, it’s really grown on me.

Burial needs to go back to making fukd up twisted garage again


that would be great but perhaps he should actually stop using the same samples now, Beachfires is pretty cool tho, i like his ambient stuff when he settles into a full track, his commix remix is one of my fav tunes of his


New tracks sound like experimental film soundtracks.

yeah its amazing :hooligans:

Surprised no one has mentioned the Monic remix that’s come out of nowhere. Excited to hear it, seeing as I’m really feeling a lot of Monic’s stuff anyway. Could be more of a darker bit?

who and where and link ?


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