Can anyone help me make out how these wubs were made from a Distinct Motive song?

2 years later and this track still blows me away.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how the wubs might have been made?
They are ridiculously clean and crisp.

Even any links to Youtube videos that could point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Not sure how to research myself, as I’m not sure how to word it…

Thank you!

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Welcome dude! I just tried doing it in FL studio.

It’s just a nice sine wave for the sub, and for the mid, it’s exact same thing except it’s 3 octaves up from the sub. Just play around with the attack and release and delay of the patches, and add some automated distortion to the mid.

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Oh wow, it was that simple hey! Thanks heaps man.
I’ve spent the last hour playing around with this now. I think I just need a lot more practice with modulating the LFO, so I can make the rhythm exciting.
Do you have any tips on this?

Just try out different LFO speeds and also try automating the speeds. Could also try a square wave for the mid and put a really tight bandpass filter and automate it, and make it tight so you get a couple frequencies and that it’s really tight. For the sub you can automate volume and if you want, a tiny amount of pitch (if you do that you have to also have the same pitch movement in the mid)

I don’t really do LFO’s for my basslines that often though, don’t have ready formulas and all that

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you can play with ADSR and use short notes instead of an lfo

Sweet! I’ll keep playing around and see what I can come up with. Thanks again

True! This is an even simpler way of thinking about it, I like it. I really appreciate the tip, I will go have a play around with it now.

Is this classified as deep dubstep?