Can anyone try to help me figure out this song name

im not too sure on how to explain the song but i believe it might be a remix, i think its a american made dubstep but it sounds japanese kinda like it has a shamisen (jap 3 string guitar) in the song. theres no words in the song i think, there might be a version with words im not too sure, i heard the song in a car meet video and it got tooken down for copyright infringement or w.e so i cant post the video. please help its a very catchy song im pretty sure everyone knows what song im talking about lol.

Neither of these?



nah thats not it either @cyclopian


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Any of these?

no its not any of thoes songs @MorrisJessle @E11 they all good songs but its not what im looking for :blush :confused:

its not any of thoes songs @jrkhnds @swerver blind man is a really good song too but its not the one im looking for :confused:

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no, i dont think theres any words in it and i think it might be a remix cause i feel like i the plucky guitar sound is there instead of words

Is it Brostep or Tru hed?
If the former then you’re probably asking the wrong forum…

If the latter then maybe this?

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Does some of you recochnise this melody?
I’m searching for 12 years for this song

try to expand more?until it’s i lit equal enough… then I recochnise song