Can I use this gadget for something?

Hi! Yesterday, my uncle has sent me something antique and I don’t know if it’s useful nowadays for production.
Is a JVC DR-E31L, is enormous and it has a lot of plugs so I don’t know if it has some utility connecting it to my computer or something.
Here is the gadget:

I’m sure it was very cool years ago, but now… idk

Cheers :slight_smile:

i believe that’s called a stereo and they’re very good for listening to music but not so good for producing music




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Yeah it’s just a full stereo set. AM/FM receiver, cd and cassette player and amp.
It’s probably not of use to you.

take it apart!

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cant b 4 real

I thought so at first, but tbf, itunes was released like 15 years ago now.

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You can hook some speakers up to it and play your Miami Bass cassettes.


thread of the year 1994 edition


i just realised after properly looking at that photo that i had the exact same stereo about 19 years ago. the tape deck is really shitty, get rid of it unless you’re absolutely desperate to listen to cassettes.

Bottom photograph is ripped from classicsmp75.

I listen to my punk cassettes a lot actually.

I haven’t in awhile tho… :badteeth:

welcome to loud music playing

go to goodwill & find some passive speakers

theyre the ones w/o a power cord or 1/8" audio cord to hook in to ur computer :wink:

then find some “speaker wire” & hook it right up to that bitch w/ those red & black clicky things in the back

get urself a 1/8" to RCA adapter & plug yo computer right into that thang’s CD in & CRANK THAT AMP BRO


Yeah, get some speakers and crank it!!

people always talking about what desk to get for decks

exposed damn

Hahahaha, thank you all, I’m going to listen all my father’s cassettes


good for taping radio DJ sets


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