Can someone explain the Barely Alive kick drum?

It sounds like nothing else, I’m not sure if I like it that much lol but its got this juicy little click on it. Any idea what that is? not going to bother posting an example cause every tune they make has it.

Also, what do you guys layer on your kick drums for the high mid/high end snap?

The main basis of the kick is that they try to make a very low to high frequency distribution. They most likely use compression sparingly with either a good sample or processed their own kick. The trick to processing a good kick drum is really somewhat simple. You want to just use a sine wave with an envelope with a quick attack and sustain and map it to the pitch (which is how you make the punchy high end) and eq the important parts of the kick. They may also use the high and some of the middle end of a quick hi hat (which I do) layered on top of that. The biggest trick to the kcik drum is just the EQ’ing and compression. Hope this helps!