Can someone help me find this song?

The song

Note: this song is NOT dubstep. Sorry about that. This community is just so full of smart, knowledgeable people that I figured I’d give asking a shot.

Now, every so often for the past couple of years I’ve found myself watching a show on TV (mainly on BBC channels) where this song has been playing in the background. Sometimes it’s been clear enough for me to Shazam it (with absolutely no other sounds/voices/BGM), but it never detects the song. I think it’s probably royalty free music they use from their own stock, hence the lack of detection… either way, I hope someone knows a little more than me. Thanks~

Try uploading it somewhere else so we don’t need a app to hear it

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Is that better? :blush:


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It’s not that track but my best guess would of been another off this, the whole sound track is sick.

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Sample spotting time 00:10-00:30:

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Awh, thanks so much for your help! Didn’t actually think anyone would reply. Those aren’t quite the song, but now I have even more cool, moody stuff to listen to! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: