Can someone help meowt?

Been working on this track for a while now. I really like it, but cant put my finger on whats wrong with it… Can anyone tell me? Is my bass muddy? I think my bass might be muddy. Thank you so much in advance :v::+1:

Easy, the intro and main part of the tune are different tempos which throws you off, I’d get those lined up first, they sound like 2 different tunes stuck together at the moment, once they’re the same tempo I’d work on the transitions between them some more, the breakdown just kind of comes in, sweep some fxs between those to make it a bit more fluid and a couple elements from the intro maybe to give people a clue that the breakdown is coming.

Yeah I’d eq up somewhere around 3k-5k on the midrange bass, it’s the main thing going on so yeah liven it up some more.

Hope that helps

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It does help. Criticism taken, thank you :+1: