"Can we have a... thread?" Thread

Thought this would be a good idea to get mod approval on potentially controversial threads.
Post an idea for a thread in here and the mods can say whether or not we can have it. May be worth posting the threads as related topics to this one too, since they’re controversial, as they grow they can be moved appropriately.

I’ll start with a re-boot idea, because I don’t know what to expect with all the shiny new forum stuff we’ve got now.
Can we have an “Irritating shit on facebook” thread?

T&A thread

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everyone already knows the answer to t&a

what would be wrong with irritating shit on fb? of course that’s fine

Given the extent of moderation in place these days, I don’t like to jump to active assumptions.

Anyone else get a note for dubway’s post but unable to actually see it?

SFW pornstars thread?

Make it for the bants

I’ve been banned enough times tbh, you do it.

uhh, this seems pretty much fine to me. the “definitive debate” thread is talking about sexuality, an SFW pornstars thread would be talking about sexuality. assuming no one posts NSFW pictures/links/videos/etc, i’d say it’s fine. @dubway @pete_bubonic @Johnlenham, concur?

I moved this to Meta (that’s why you were notified)