Can you help me right here?

I make some pretty minimalist dubstep and i figured out that there’s next to no label releasing this kind of sound.

Most “Deep Dubstep” label focus either on the Dark n Creepy sounds or Chill n Melodic
But my track don’t really fall in those category, it is more of an meditative trippy deep sound

So, can you help me find some label who release this type of beat?
Example of my sound right here, some are released, some are WIP :

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no need to rush into signing anything to digi labels man, your sound is pretty cool and it definitely fits under the deep dubstep label id say so there are probably a lot of lil labels u could put it out on…
but imo its better to work as much as u can on ur tunes before u really put a lot of stuff out; the problem with smaller labels is they wont really give you that much exposure unless theyre pretty established

Thank you for your answer :smile:
Actually, i’m looking for a digi/vinyl label but i know i’m not good enough to join DEEP MEDi, Dub Police, Z Audio or Ninja Tune so that’s why i’m asking here if anyone know some little labels who release that kind of sound.

but when i say big i mean big in dubstep so not necessary deep medi etc
there are sorta midrangey labels that id still call big like fkof, encrypted, indigo movement, foundation audio etc
slightly smaller ones like gradient audio, phantom hertz, dubtribu might be good examples of what youre looking for, i suggest you look around soundcloud, there are absolutely tonnes of small labels; its a pretty saturated market which is why id hold off imo
good luck anyways man!
edit: no offense to the labels i called small btw ive bought 2 ph hertz releases myself theyre sick :smiley:

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I used to listen to a lot of these labels they are all top notch.

then you became trap

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Thank you, i’ll check them out :smiley:

Sounds great man, I really like it! I was wondering if you can help me out tho. I want to promote my soundcloud stuff too, but can’t figure out how to post anything besides replies! Any help would be awesome, thanks.

Make a new topic for your track, ask friend to share it on social media, get in touch with labels, promotion channel and compilation ect…

My focus is contrary to “make & finish tracks to become better”. I do not finish tracks these days. How come you may ask? It is because the track never seems to be exactly what I want to create therefore useless to “finish”. That been said I need help finishing these ideas. Ive created a beautiful arpeggio of some kind, ive even added some weighty sub bass. now im constructing some kind of C major chord to complement the arpeggio. its simple stuff actually when I consider some of the more, say, expert, music.

Why resurrect a 5 year old thread?

That’s a good question. I suppose my only answer is that we all make mistakes.

It might’ve been a mistake to resurrect this thread.

To be fair, some of his tunes are bangers and I would never have found them otherwise.
Silver lining?

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