Can't use my old username

Which was kruptah…can’t import post counts, big ups, login with DSF login, etc.

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oh noez but if you dont get to import your biggups how will people know how cool you used to be?

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Not that I had many…but still…yeah pretty much.

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at least your honest

one of my best qualities

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How did you log in? With DSF login, or Facebook, or Google?
You do have the old username, “kruptah”, right?

@admin @4ndY will look into this soon

Sorry, an error has occurred.

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tried using my DSF login initially, but it said my username/password was wrong so i used Facebook.

I did notice I had my kruptah username after creating this topic.

lol i can only phigure out how to use my real name via google

@kruptah, please try now to log in with your DSF username/password. (btw did you change your password recently on DSF?)

Aight mine works

did you try to login with old DSF login?

No I’m an idiot but I couldn’t reset the password either.

Can I maybe just change this name here somehow?

@admin @4ndY

Works now.


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kinda hankering to be young & SD5 again
Is that criticizing ideas or peoples?