Best MC around imo… maybe 2nd best to Trim.

Halloween special for Rinse, basically a bunch of his tunes being played.

Understand his constant talk and references to drugs might put some people off but I think he does it in such a unique way its good. Doesn’t really go on like its a cool thing to take or deal drugs but acts like he has/had a genuine problem and struggle with it. Plus hard drugs have always been a thing to diss people about in grime (Wiley being a crackhead ect.), its never been something to embrace like CAS does.

Similar to Trim they both MC over some really different beats to normal grime MCs which makes them stand out without it being forceful (Novelist and his new genre lol)…

Still kills it on standard grime though:

Hes a big film fan and directs his own videos too:

He was also responsible for the best song on Giggs new album:

Kills it live as well. Seen him at Parklife festival where he was like front of stage with loads of people and dancers around and big flags saying dead team and their logo on. Warehouse Project was different he took a backseat and was mostly stood behind the decks. Both approaches really suited the atmosphere and venue. Talented dude 10/10 imo.


I like his voice and delivery and the tunes r nice just not sure what to think about the whole mask / horror thing

When I found this track it really made me sad, but in a good way. Im glad that I haven’t been trough the things he describes. But a main reason for that feeling is the beat from MssingNo I guess

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his wordplay is next level.

hes sick

I liked his original one but now he’s got some freddy krueger mask that’s a bit lame I think. There’s lots of stories about him and why he wears them, most of them sound like BS (hiding from the mafia due to drugs debts lol) but regardless I think he’s been one of the best vocalists around for a good while and one of the best lyricists ever in the game.

yeah he’s really insanely talented. his lyrics are mad. and yeah, he really kills it live

If your boyfriend sends me a dodgy text then hes gotta dodge these TECs :fire:

so many fucking quotables in this

who the fuck is manni d too, only know him from the old castro tunes and he goes in.

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New shit from CasIsDead
Fire as expected