Causa - the badman from Hamburg

Yes yes. A lot of heavy stuff coming from the Hamburg badman, def one of my top three producers atm, with both sick releases, dubs and forthcomings on solid labels.

Had the pleasure to hang out with him during a Sub FM show before a night in Stockholm, with Foamplate and Lungman. Killer set both times! Big up Mahrijan if you’re seeing this. A pleasure!

Audio from the show:


Dropping new heat on Crucial, with this promo mix to celebrate his release on the label. Straight fire!

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good stuff m8. been dropping his tunes on the regular. :slayer:

yes, big tunage :salute:

downloads active on this mix now…

pre-orders for his upcoming crucial release go live at 7pm GMT tonight

New guest appearance on Sub FM, this time on Shu’s new forthnightly show. Plenty of bad boy dubs in there - Kreamy is the sh*t!

I thought “badman from hamburg” was a tune title for a second there lol.

anyway Causa is touring the USA with RDG this year. I can’t vouch for Causa, but RDG is a stand-up bloke.

ravers, promoters, and the like, take note



New vinyl coming soon!


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