Cheap (and great) Laptop

I get $10 every 2 weeks from allowance and want to purchase a laptop, I am using and old Desktop. What laptop should I get? I want at least 8gb ram and plenty of storage, a good processor doesn’t hurt either. Thanks!


looool, big ups man. You’re a legend.

Dude you’re getting a Dell

It’d take almost 100 years to buy a mac at current prices. You better find a way to induce macroeconomic deflation.

Tbh, you should either get a job or just ask your parents for one as a christmas gift. You’re only actually making 60 dollars per year.

How am I “a legend”

Start looking into how to build your own desktop. With that knowledge you can make the most of your meager income and just buy new parts for your current desktop

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^that is your best bet. But how bad is your desktop right now? There are plenty of producers that make amazing music on slowwww as hell computers and virtually inexpensive or free software.

My Specs are as follows:
No Graphics Card
6GB Ram
3.4Ghz Intel Pentonium

@MorrisJessle Don’t you mean $240 a year?

Why are you looking for a laptop? With the specs you’ve got now you can run plenty of DAWS (Assuming you’re trying to do that?). If you’re trying to play games then desktop is a must or else your machine will be obsolete in 2 years.

I went the laptop route and regret it greatly. Nothing beats being able to upgrade and customize your machine. Save your cash for something cool, like hardware or a vacation.

I was wrong, but it’s actually $260 since there’s 52 weeks in a year and not 48. And it would take 5 years to get a mac at current prices.
I make reeeeally fucking dumb algebraic mistakes lol.

Safe, I made one too haha I was thinking $20 a month x 12 months a year

I own an HP Envy with AMD graphics. The interesting thing is that the AMD is really GPU heavy, which is great for bouncing and running parallel calculations. It starts to stutter after a lot of instances of fabfilter are running. It came with 6gb, but I upgraded it to $8 for around $60. It helped me record and make all of this music:

And I’m pretty happy with it.
I paid $650 for it in 2012 but I’ve seen them as cheap as $300 used. Search ebay and amazon.

PS. By “a lot” of fabfilters, I mean 15~20.
I fix it bouncing individual tracks to .wavs or .mp3s. There are other tricks to conserving cpu. But to be honest, what you have isn’t too shabby. Macs are supreme in audio, but like everyone said, you’re gonna wait a long time before you get one with allowance. Try trading stuff on craigslist until you work up something of value to trade for a Mac.
My friend did that. It may take a long time.

Go to one of those high interest high risk financing computer remarketers like and get an instant 1500$ approval for a laptop. The payments, end up being like 10-14$ biweekly for 3 years. Your laptop will ultimately cost you 3-4k but youèll get something with good performance for 10$ every 2 weeks.

P legendary post/request tho tbf… you should post up for some monitors next imo.