Cheap Vinyl

I really want to build my collection up more. Obviously not everyone can justify the discogs prices for old DMZ releases, or harder to get DeepMedi stuff.

What are some must have older records on the cheap?

example: Fat Larry’s Skank

keep an eye out for represses…examples:*repress

Saw this pop up in my discogs feed, just made me sad

Already got all the punch drunk represses on reserves. Including Kahn’s releases.

there’s not too many producers from back then who were putting stuff out, pick a favourite producer and go through their discography on discogs, even loefah has some decent releases which you can get for reasonable prices on scogs. Also, join the 4thewax facebook group if you haven’t already cos a lot of good stuff comes up in there and usually quite a lot cheaper than discogs prices.


nice one, joined

On Discogs, Dub Police has lots of ridiculously low-priced releases.

Take a look around:

For Example: Emalkay - Crusader / Power Tool is up on the marketplace for 4 Pounds (or $4.90 for American users)