Chevel - 'Blurse' (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Previews and pre-order available now!

Don’t sleep on this one - massive record.

19€ for a CD is a bit expensive though :confused:

mmmm looks weird to me too. maybe the label will fix it

look fwd to checking this

seems like they put it at 14,99€ now

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Is this under the 130 sub forum because techno is usually around that mark?

maybe because Chevel released on Beneath’s label once over a year ago.


the stereo image is kinda weirding me out on some tunes. and not in a good way. they overdid it with the panning a bit imho.

goes without saying, but Flippant Remark is a fucking bomb.

the album’s just not really techno imo

Yeah I had only heard side 3.

Some nice tunes on there. Down & Out is a banger.

Low Roof’s the one for me, the bass on that one is mad. Solid album throughout though, really cohesive as well

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