Chief Fruity - Distorted

This is a track i made in Fl studio 12
i would love to hear some input!

This is pretty good! I like it! I think some more variation might be good though.
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Awesome! thanks

is this the same track as your other one about god and the devil?

this sounds satan inspired

No this is another track it is not related to Waves. Distorted is about our impurities and how us as humans are not perfect and never will be but Jesus washes us clean! if you would like to read more about “Distorted” its in the description of the YouTube video! And you said it sounded devil inspired, as for that i wanted to make a really hard hitting song.

I like it, i see a lot of potential in your programing. Your arrangement and buildups sound good. As with a lot of people, i feel like synthesis might be your weak point. If your aiming to create a guttural synth with a super strong high note element, i would turn that layered high synth up and possibly equalize it so that its strongest peak is boosted. If your aiming for a grittier deeper dubstep bass (which i see heavy potential in for example on this track) i would take the layered high synth and subtract from its peak on the equalizer to sink it in the mix, then maybe compress and side chain it to the kick or some other element so that it gets quit and louder to the drum beat. These are both just some example ideas on how to refine your synthesis strategy on your tunes in the future. Keep producing!

Thanks man! I really like hearing positive input and constructive criticism. Glad you like “Distorted!”

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