Chill guitar-driven music thread

Anyone else fuck with this type of music on here?

Here’re some percys.
You may say some of these shouldn’t be in here, but I’m adding them for musical context, like to break the newbies in.

Evenings - Friend [Lover]

My Bloody Valentime - Sometimes

Mount Kimbie - Maybes

Promises - I Was Wrong

Animal Hospital - Nostalgia

Kwes - Bashful

Winter - Daydreaming

Motel Beds - Western Son

Tame Impala - Disciples

Jam City - Unhappy

Also wanted to add something off of Bad Vibes by Shlohmo but couldn’t decide between “Places” and “Sink”.

Here’re a couple of channels I follow on youtube for it

loveless by my bloody valentine is a piece of art

So true!
Y’know, in an interview around the time it came out, Kevin Shields said something like “nobody will understand this album for another 10 years”, which sounds pretentious as fuck but was actually sooooo true hahaha


Was at a party a few weeks back and discovered “Beach Fossils”, their stuff’s similar to that tune you posted, less synthy though, more on a traditionalist rock vibe.
Also “Youth Lagoon” is sick!

Explosions in the Sky is pretty amazing, and great for driving.


keller williams covers birdsong

Promises - I Was Wrong

Just for posterity