Chip Appreciation / Chip VS Everybody

He deserves a thread… all started with this:

Most popular reply was from Bugzy:

Chip went quiet (apparently cause his brother went jail)… most people thought Bugzy won and Chips return to grime was over before it even really started then he came back with a hatrick, the 2nd one being my favourite and one of the 'ardest sends I’ve heard in ages:

(other two here and here)

Rage also had a few things to say about Bugzy recording in Tottenham reeeeeeeally late at night when nobody was about (here & here)

In the past 2 days Chip sent for Yungen, got a reply and replied to that… good post on grimeforum about the leading up to it:

One Take:

Yungen reply:

Chips reply:

The bit about Tinies mum loooooooool

Loads missing out of this but thats the bare bones of it. One person I wish he did reply to was Lowkey:

Lowkey isn’t even doing music anymore so would be pointless now.

Been rating chip recently