Chiptune info, help, tips

First off, i intern for a startup indie game developer. Originally I was going to work on level design, but the owner learned I produced music via some of my former college mates that work for him. He asked if I would compose songs for the levels and of course, I said sure. He wants a chiptune style and I was curious if anyone from the community dabbles in chiptune? if you could impart some knowledge on its creation; it would help heaps. I’ve researched free chiptune VST’s and will probably demo a few. Are there any other non free ones i should checkout? Also helpful youtube vids etc etc. any info helps!

Ableton has some useful free bitcrushers

have fun

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As someone who works with making tracks in a Chiptune style first, I can say that it is mostly done with sound from game chips. There are usually 4 tracks, 1 for drums and noise and the other 3 hold your melodic bits. Of course since its music you dont have to go 100% by this but its a fun thing to know. You don’t really to go get paid vsts for this because most of the sounds are basic shapes( Saw, Square, Sine, 16th Pulse, 24th Pulse , Sync ex…).

Also look up how the average game makes the music for its games.

I wrote this while in school so I have to go for a bit, I will return with some videos

Check out Plouge Chipsounds, its the mother lode.

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Something called magical8bitplugin, I think.

not really my thing, but playing with ableton’s arpeggiator- in free mode, on square/saw type synths made a lot of bleepy gameboy synth sounds, so have a fiddle with that (basis of a lot of zomby stuff, thanks jesslem for putting me onto this)