Choosing drum samples from artists or packs or neither?

Wellll I’ve finally been getting into a nice flow again but now that
I’ve made my own sounds excluding drums, I started going through all the
samples I have both from artists as well as packs Ive purchased in the
past and something about it really depresses me… Like I have superb
quality samples and it just seems like it’s too easy to just use them
yet I probably couldn’t make the amount of samples I’d need to write the
tracks I need to in the time frame I have…

Do you guys struggle with this or is this just another situation where I
just need to get over it ‘for now’ and perhaps make my own at a later
point? I mean what is making my own drum samples? (rhetorical question)
is it just layering samples that were already in packs? I just find a
lot of the drum samples I have already sound good as is…

I dont know…

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Get over it forever. Make your own, use pre made ones. Stop wasting time. Make music.


lol what, using drum samples is common practise, not very many people make drums from scratch with a vst tbh
the key is to process and layer said samples to make them your own

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I use my Nord Drum more often than layering. The NI drum vsts are quite nice as well. Cooking your own in a proper percussion synth is much easier than dealing with all the processing your have to do when you layer. At least for me.

I think a lot of people do cook their own, though layer does seem the go to method in Dubstep.

well when i said vst i meant more like synth vsts not usually used for drums
i thought thats what the OP meant tbh, didnt even think of drum vsts lol >.<

ah ok. yea, i dont like using synth synths for drums usually.

layers of drum synthesis + drum samples = win.

sampling tracks from within the genre you’re making is a bit lame but everything else is fair game

For some reason I was basically looking for this response. Thank you.

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No worries. I am very used to telling people like it is…I teach essay writing to Freshmen at university lol

No way that’s awesome! even more of a pleasure knowing that! Thanks again and best to you!!

I’ve started looking for good clean hits from my favorite drummers… Can take awhile (going thru them doing clinics and stuff, finding that ONE song with a break) so far I feel it’s been fairly worth it. Can’t really beat the high hat hits. They have so much feel so I just have like 6-7 different hits that are all slightly different and can make a sweet groove from it

With this question are you referring to using pre-made drum loops from sample packs or just individual one shots?

When I first got into production a few people I knew always seemed to be using pre made loops for their drums/percs sometimes other elements of their tracks used pre made loops too… I suppose it can probably allow you to have something more full sounding much more quickly when your just starting out but when I used this method I never felt like what I was making was truly mine. I suppose you can chop them up, add effects and what not but I still feel it doesn’t compare to the satisfaction of making your own drum loops completely out of one shots/individual drum hits. However I suppose I’m still using individual hits that are from somewhere else possibly/probably ripped from another song lol.

I guess the same sort of thing goes for using a drum loop from a song that already exists, you could use it and not change anything or cut it up and change it in a way that makes it sound totally new. No matter what your doing, it’s still gonna be fun and your still making music/creating something wether its original or not which is better than endlessly scrolling down Facebook or watching TV in my opinion.

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I use a combo of both sample pack one shots/synthesis and layerd stuff. It really depends if i got a sample pack that has the sound i want il use that, if not il go about making my own via layering and or synthesis.

Not sure what type of dubstep/electronic music in general you’re into, but I enjoy the challenge of using only acoustic drum samples and layering them with synthesised drums (not really using any drum synth, just ES2/FM8), to make EDM-ish drums. It’s really rewarding when you get anything even half decent out of it + nobody is ever gonna figure out what samples you used. :blush:

Work in progress here: