Chord Marauders appreciation

I’m a fan, they don’t have a thread yet, so I’m making one…Comprised of core producers Geode, Congi, B9 & Jafu, with contributions from producers like Facta, K-Lone, Trashbat and Ago, Chord Marauders have been releasing their own mellow take on bass music since 2013. Releases have been digital only up until now, but the upcoming Groove Booty 4 release sees their first vinyl offering:

“The first (Sides A & B) contains new deepness from all core members, as well as stunning contributions from Circula and Ago. The second (Sides C & D) comprises six of our personal favourites from our back catalogue.”

Gutted Ago’s Untitled 097 didn’t make the cut, but hopefully on the next one :smile:

Congi’s ‘A Theme For The Cosmos’ is one of the new tracks:

Previous Groove Booty releases:


Yeah, massively looking forward to this!
Really wish they did bandcamp though because their site’s always long with purchases for me, I’ve had to paypal them money to an email address to buy stuff.

tbf I just pre-ordered the groove booty 4 vinyl off their site and it was just a normal painless paypal transaction like any other online record shop, so they must have fixed any problems they might have had previously.

Looking forward to Voodoo on vinyl :gunfinger:


b9 used to post here btw

nice guy


yeah he did, nice dude indeed




Looking forward to this comp, Congi are highly underrated imo, love their tunes.

Yeah, that geode track is next level. Surprised he’s not been booked for a Converge night yet tbh, correct me if I’m wrong though.

Couple more forthcoming on GB4

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Gonna be mint to have a physical copy of December

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Thanks for the reppage, sirs. Just to let you know we’re up on bandcamp now as well:


Anyone got their copy yet?
How does the pressing sound?

it got delayed due to RSD, I think they start shipping tomorrow

[quote]Unfortunately, we have just been made aware of a small delay in manufacturing, connected with the sheer volume of vinyl production around Record Store Day.

This means that we won’t be able to ship until May 5th, with most orders arriving around May 9th-10th.[/quote]

Cool, let me know when it arrives!
I’d love to play these tunes in a mix but I’m wondering if 3 tracks on one side is not going to be a pain in the ass when cueing
I haven’t ordered yet since I’m broke atm, I hope some copies will still be available next month.

Groove booty 4 is vibes. Stoked the wavs come with vinyl, cant wait for it to land at doorstep, power to the people

Listening to December atm absolutely killer

Gutted that this one didn’t make the vinyl


Congi - the Remixes up for pre-order :fire:

How am I just hearing this :love: