Chrome does MIDI now



This could be quite cool. Maybe in conjunction with web audio

The day when dedicated DAW machines are obsolete for many is around the corner. I think there will always be someone peddling discrete solutions for those that fancy themselves to be “pro”, but just as the hardware capability to handle this shit has trickled down to laptops, phones, probably watches - and web-based “solutions” to things become equally powerful, then it’s only a matter of time before It’s not only possible but actually viable to do a lot of what we do now in an HTML5 or similar type setup.

And you though there was a shitstorm of throwaway tracks now…


Every ■■■■ and their dog will be churning out shit electro (my guess at the next genre revival)

is this some means of using my computer keyboard as a midi keyboard

cos holla at me when that happens that’d be the shit

There is I think. U can do it in Cubase


More fun with Web Audio.

Fl studio since you were 4 years old.

Audio will be one of the last to fall though. Timing issues are too important, and delicate.

I’ll stay a pro. :nail_care: