Clap samples and different snares

Anyone help me out in getting some harder sounding clap samples, and some different snares to use in my productions?

Without sounding lazy I don’t really fancy recording my own and don’t have the gear for it anyway… :frowning:

I have thousands of samples but 90% of the claps I have just sound weak or sounding like a typical drum machine, I know you can E.Q them to get a harsher sound but the base sample is more important in my eyes. Looking for ones to use in Grime production, songs like “Chevy” by Kahn & Neek for example, the claps in that are ferocious (although proberly layerd), and I just can’t seem to find any in my samples that sound like it.

While I’m on the subject of Kahn & Neek also, does anyone fancy lending me a hand to as where I may be able to gather some snares along the likes of what they (Kahn particularly) use? I have bought many sample packs, from Sleeper’s to Biome’s, Geodes and many others, but all of the snares tend to just sound like basic snares, if that makes sense. Anyone who can help me find some snares that sound a bit “different” will be of great help :smile:

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hey man, you dont need to buy sample packs tbh, everything is on the internet for free and its so sufficient.

layering is very important, also context. for example, of you cut a snare that you like out of that kahn tune and used it for whatever youre working on, it wouldnt sound like it has before on that tune, but rather not so good, so it depends on the overall tune how your snares sound in context to the rest.

layering wise: it obviously all depends on style and personal preference, but for example, you could layer 3 snares:
1st with a good low/mid content at around 200hz and cut the rest above and beneath
2nd one with some nice mids and cut everything beneath
3rd one (i.e. clap) with some crisp high end and only that high end, everything else cut

see how it sounds…
you can then adjust the low the mids and the high end to preference and so forth


If you find the claps/snares you’re after post here cos I already asked pretty much the same thing in another thread :slight_smile:

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Cheers for the replys fellas! It’s a ball ache init :confused:

pretty sure layering/mixing/eqing different sounds will be the key. I got a half decent kahn type snare by using a kind of drum machine type rim shot layered with a real drum kit rimshot/snare sample, try layering with woodblocks also, etc.

yeah what causaa said layering, someone like kahn’s probably pretty sophisticated at it, it’s quite fun once u get into it although yeah it is v long, helps to get some much more individual sounds, i usually find sample pack snares pretty weak to use on their own

Tbh most of my claps are recorded on my phone . if I find a room with a lively sound I always record a couple of claps aha. The phone seems to compress the audio in quite a gritty way which can sort of add vibe


yeah there’s no excuse to why one of the layers wouldnt just be one you recorded yourself

seriously any mic can do a perc sound you could use and in turn it would be an original sound

and then kahn will have to go on snh and ask for a 1jack369 snare !!! boooom etc :bomb:

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