Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" dj playmobiledisco

got a new mixer & interface :mrgreen: ← why corns but not that also


:corncry: tfw no mrgreen


My set up for the week
Can’t wait til I can get my little hone studio set up so I can record some guitars and djembe for some beats

we rock the same interface.

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we rock the same oral contraception.

I got the xone:22 what does the 23 do extra?

And doesn’t having a speaker right next to the tone arm, fuck up your mixing?

from what i can tell just the phono/line isnt a toggle anymore, you get 4 gain knobs for each channel

the 23c has an internal soundcard (not compatable w/ serato/traktor tho so i just got the regular one)

& the speaker isnt really as close to it as it looks in the pic hehe

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23c looks weird, I understand some of it’s features, but not being compatible with serato or traktor just seems odd.

Yea and if you want to run the weird dvs software they have with the mixer you have to take it apart and rewire something voiding the warranty?

Its strange

i see u 2 are a fan of having high volume in ur beats

Ye. Man u just squirt that into your CD tray before booting the lappy. Then u get much more volume to your tunes


Replace the Trigger Finger Pro with an electribe 2 and this is my current setup (more or less, some rack FX not pictured).


i usually bury my lappy in dirt on the night of a full moon, gives u that shackleton dread vibe samwise



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Can you do a kit list for that photo?

DSI Mopho Keys
Novation UltraNova
E-Mu Proteous One
Der OTO ( aka OTO Biscuit)
Nord Drum MKI

Electrix Filter Factory
OTO Biscuit
Korg KP3

Other Kit:
Soundcraft EPM 8 Mixer
MOTU MIDI Express XT (MIDI patchbay)
Berhinger audio patchbay
FMR Really Nice Compressor
Joe Meek MC2 Compressor


What do u think to the Joe meek. Was thinking about pucking one up on the d low

  1. I don’t think most pro-sumer level compressors are worth using unless you’ve got a lot of hardware already. Like I don’t ever run stems out of my computer to it.

  2. I’d recommend the FMR RNC over the Joe Meek for a general purpose compressor.

  3. The Joe Meek MC2 sounds good on some things, I think most often bass, vox and some synths. It has less “sweet spots” than the RNC.

  4. The MC2 has stereo width (increase or decrease) and it has pre-compressor gain. I use the gain as kind of an over drive sometimes and tame that with the compressor. The stereo width sounds pretty juicy.

  5. If you want an inexpensive character compressor I’d get the FMR RNLA instead. Or save up for something from Warm Audio perhaps.

Just trying to cover many bases here since I can’t quite recall what your setup is like.

Ahh nice one
It would mainly be for recording guitars and bass (maybe small vox snippets). I’ll check put the fmr RNC!