rated, underrated, w/e

but let’s not make this the metalheadz thread part 2

rate blacksciencelabs a lot. one of, if not the best dnb album imo

:bazooka: :bazooka:

A few nice classics

Hi guys, I didn’t want to make a topic for this so I’ll write here. Does anyone know what track this is?

Years ago I heard it while visiting a friend, he had this green vinyl that didn’t have covers or anything on the label as far as I remember. There was a hand written text “everything and anything vol 2” or something like that. I got the mp3 from him and it only says LP2 Track 2. I really need to know so I can buy it.

(I cant listen to your clip right now, but this release comes to mind)

Thanks but unfortunately it’s not any of those tracks. I have also checked the vol 1 and 3 from that series but the track is not on them either.

Dunno but it sounds a bit like Bad Company,
if that’s your thing