Clipping Group Tracks [Ableton]

Quick mixing question. I have a group track in Ableton and a couple of the tracks in the group are peaking at around +2/+3. However, the fader on the group is at -14. If the tracks inside the group are peaking high, will i get any distortion or anything even if the group fader is down hella low. I’d rather just keep the volume on the group low because there are a ton of tracks in the group and a good amount of them have volume automation that I don’t want to mess up.

first of all, if there is distortion from the 2-3db clipping there will be distortion even if you turn down the group volume. the distortion will only be more quiet by how many dbs you turn down.
and for the future, don’t use channel volume automation, use the utility tool for that.

now you can even copy the automation onto a new utility volume automation lane you create and delete the old one, then turn all your channels within the group down -14 db and put the group volume on 0

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Okay thanks so much!