Club trax

gets a bit ambient/vapory but sun loop and elis r niiice


the release comes with a tracksuit for $50 lol

i dont understand the kids these days at all

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Proper badman business from spain.

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noot noot motherfucker

meant to post this b4, bangs.

the plata tune that opens it is so fucking sick, wish he made more like it

hey I know that movie neo tokio or some shit

cool track as well

Cool, just googled it. Seems interesting. Opened with gymnopedie 1, so already loving it.

New Tsunga b2b Iydes is pretty ill


Is that Misss Modular?

yeah going by MM these days

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yeah - have literally been waiting for this tune for so long, had no idea it was him

New compilation from Classical Trax/Top Billin