Club trax


New compilation from Classical Trax/Top Billin


this is top

like kinda club but with a techno vibe in there too

be a good set for dancing

way 2 much shit to possibly listen 2 atm between like post night slugs people ranging to the batshit reggaeton vibes other people pushing

but that’s a good thing


yes big up to Stolen !!! that’s my guy, played in Bath w/ him a few weeks ago.

New Lokane on NH is blinding from start to finish imo, so effortlessly sits in between being hard / gully and good fun at the same time


also sick



i wonder if this means they’ll reopen that club constructions site/submissions


did you see the proper djc club constructions release forthcoming? pretty sick stuff imo


First proper release from Super Kitchen - Remixes from Akito, Bleaker + Gregor

Whole thing is super solid


lorenzo_bitw tunes zip- really nice

just came out

so 'ard


digging first tune, kinda shameless melody i looove


160 biz



sick producer


this dude is amazing


couple wicked trax up for free on the acid fantasy sc, this is one of my fave ‘club’ bits i’ve ever heard, shame to lose it as a dub tho was one of like 3 unreleased tunes i had that weren’t by me lol

also wicked

dinablam tune’s another fave atm







murlo b2b florentino last night was the 1

so into that dancehall that’s almost industrial and generally 100bpm sets are the most interesting thing in london atm


yo ray is there a good radio show/mix series covering US club shit

like i’m still hearing most of it second hand in uk dj’s sets and wanna check more


You’re in luck